#14. spectrophotometry

#14. spectrophotometry - trend line in order to get...

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Technical Abstract The few values of the experiment result were faulty and wrong. We have got a negative % transmittance which should be only positive. Not every % transmittance was negative, so we have changed the negative % transmittance values with those values that were provided by TA. After switching the negative % transmittance with the positive numbers, we calculated the absorbance by using Excel. The formula to change % transmittance into absorbance is A= -logT or - log(%T/100) . Next, we plotted the graph of concentration and absorbance and added the
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Unformatted text preview: trend line in order to get calibration curve trend line equation which was y=0.1961x 2-0.0683x+0.0521 . By entering corrected A spinach extract ( 0.2451 ), we found the concentration of the spinach extract, 0.0471mM . Since the molar weight of chlorophyll-a is 893.53g/mol , the gram of chlorophyll-a in the 25mL spinach extract solution was calculated and was 1.052x10-3 g or 1.052mg . Then we calculated the concentration of chlorophyll-a in spinach, 1.052mg of chlorophyll-a / 0.16g of spinach = 6.575m....
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