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Essay #1 SYG2000 Block 5 All across the globe, our world has been changing dynamically socially, culturally, economically, and politically. As the emergence of a dominative capitalistic core comes forward within our world, cultures and societies within the periphery have been trying to keep pace with the fast-moving world. A simple example of this is the poor Lakota Indians which are trying to meld into the social situations which the average astute American endures and deals with on almost a daily basis. Although through most eyes, one would see the harsh conditions of the Lakota Indian city as being self-inflicted and with the only resolve coming from within the city, cleaning up their own acts and properly accepting the Western world. However, to make assertions that indigenous people are not genetically suited to our society, or that they have an ill cultural heritage, or any other self-serving excuse does not identify the true problems that are at hand. Before beginning, it should be recognized that a society can not really be identified under a general universal group but actually is specified toward different various groups and the reactions with ,not only the people within the society, but the people between the societies as well. When someone remarks that “indigenous people just aren't genetically suited to life in the Western world”, there statement becomes unsound because there are no case studies that show every single indigenous group is incapable of Westernization. Studies actually show some groups of indigenous people, like the Inuits of the eastern Canadian Artic known as the Nunavut, which have shown evidence of a high adaptability and acceptance of the Western world. So although there may have been evidence of which correlates that indigenous people having a
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propensity for alcoholism, it does not mean that all indigenous people, especially that of the Lakota Indian tribe, are affected by alcoholism. However, even if specific study based research did reveal that the people within the city did have a high alcoholism issue, there is much more in the society that could be addressed that should solve or at least help solve this problem, such as establishing a “dry” county or limiting the sale of alcohol to some extent within the society. Another factor as Gerhard Lenski hypothesized, the city containing the Lakota Indian tribe is
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SYG2000Essay1 - Essay#1 SYG2000 Block 5 All across the...

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