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Informative Speech - Red Cross - Informative Speech...

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Informative Speech Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the non-profit organization the Red Cross. Central Idea: Describe specific and widespread job opportunities for individuals, how people can become involved, and how they can help govern the Red Cross. Introduction I. Disaster has just hit, people are fleeing, attempting to find shelter, people are crying in fear as they do not know what their next step is, many are dying in horrific pain; do you want to help these people? II. Well, there are hundreds of thousands of paying job opportunities within the Red Cross. III. Although this nonprofit organization can not pay you cash, the smile given back by these people you help, is one of the most fulfilling payments you will ever receive. IV. I am here today to first describe the opportunities the Red Cross provides, from volunteer staffing and health services to serving on the board of directors and providing behind the scenes support and then describe how you too can become involved. Transition: Lets first talk about the various areas within the Red Cross with which you could possibly participate. Body I. HIV stands for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. a. Thus it is a virus, which is currently not even classified as a living organism. b. More specifically it is a lenti-retrovirus. i. The characteristics of this class is the unique ability to convert RNA to DNA, no other organism can ever do this, and its “lenti” classification means that the infection is a rather slow process. c.
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Informative Speech - Red Cross - Informative Speech...

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