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5 Discussion - resistors likely contribute to decrease in...

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5 Discussions Experimental results collected were reasonably close with the simulation predictions; since the values were within a 5.00% error between the theoretical and experimental values. The gain of the hardware implementation was 0.32 dB lower than the predicted value of 28.557 dB. This 0.32dB deviation corresponds to a 1.12% error in the value of 20Log (vout/vin). Resistor values were not between the preferred range of 1k to 50k ohms due to resistor ratio factor of 53. Original values for R1 and R2 were 598 and 32152 Ohms respectively; however experimental values of R1 and R2 were 594 and 32140 ohms respectively. Hence differences between the actual and rated values of the
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Unformatted text preview: resistors likely contribute to decrease in gain. Original ratio factor between R2/R1= 53, whereas the experimental ratio factor R2/R1=54. This accounts for 1.85% increase in resistor ratio factor. Experimental bandwidth frequency along with Center frequency yielded roughly the same values of 3KHz and 11KHz respectively. Design Simulation Measured Peak Gain 28.588 dB 28.577 dB 28.236 dB Lower 3-dB Corner 9500 Hz 9510 Hz Upper 3-dB Corner 12500 Hz 12490 Hz Further more to compensate 50 ohm resistnace of the function Genrator 6463 ohm resistance has been added in parallel with R1=594 . to create an input and impedence of 594 to avoid error in data. 6. Conclusion...
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5 Discussion - resistors likely contribute to decrease in...

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