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CEE 698-003: Sustainable Building Design and LEED WEEK 2: Architectural Concepts January 28, 2008 Class Synopsis: Overview of Building Design and Construction Process (Emphasis on opportunities for meaningful sustainable design strategies). Discuss functional expectations of buildings and buildings’ energy use Introduce major architectural building components and concepts January 30, 2008 Class Synopsis: Discuss the relationships between a building’s Form and its Functions (Internal v. External Load-Driven Buildings) Introduce solar heat gain and shading Assigned Reading (Found on Course Website): Allen, Edward. (1995). How Buildings Work, The Natural Order of Architecture. New York City: Oxford University Press. pp. 3-26. Orion Afield. If a Building Could be Like a Tree: An interview with William McDonough. Orion Afield, 5 (2), 20-23. Homework #2: For each question, please write a 200 – 400 word response (12 pt., Times New Roman or Cambria font). Please, draw your support from the week’s lectures and course
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