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Aida Leopold Foundation Legacy Center Quantitative Summary Table for LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1 The anached Quantitative Summary Table. prepared by David Bradley of Thermal Energy System Specialists. provides a narrative description of the energy aspects althe AIda leopold Foundation legacy Center, a detailed comparison of the Design Energy Case and the Energy Base Case. and the eoergy and cost summary. Dave Bradley was responsible for performing energy simulation modeling throughout the design process in collaboration with Michael Utzinger of Helio-Design. the project Environmental Advisor. A unique feature 01 the Aldo leopold legacy Center design is installation of a Photovoltaic system desiglled to produce as much electricity annually as the the building demands during the year. The comparisons of 101al building electric demand and photovoltaic electric production are summarized in the Quanlalive Summary Table. During the year. the btJilding will actually sell electricity to the grid during sunny days and purchase electricity from the grid at night and on cloudy days. The annual electric energy purchases and sales are documented in the narrative fO( Energy and Armosphere Credit 2: Renewable Energy. The estimates of purchased energy over the year were used as a basis of the Green Power Purchase agreement detailed in Energy and Atmosphere Credit 6: Green Power. One of the primary project goals was to design and construct a building that was carbon neutral in its operation. Simulation of the Carbon Neutral Design Case is slightly different that the Design Energy Case and is fully described in Innovation and Design Credit 3: Carbon Neutral Building. Michael UUinger, Enviroomental Advisor Hruo-~
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Aida Leopold Legacy Center Building LEEO™ EAc1 Prepared by David Bradley Thermal Energy System Specialists, LLC A. Project Narrative: The new construction Aide leopold legacy Center building perfOf'ms 113% better than the ASH RAE 90.1-1999 requirement using the LEEO™ Energy Cost Budget methodology. The greater then 100% velue is because the Aide leopold Legacy Center includes a large photovotteic IIrray that converts more energy into electricity then is required by the building's regulated loads on an annual basis. The Aide leopold Legacy Center is a single story 8844 tt2 newly constructed commercial building comprised of three wings. An unconditioned cellar under part of the building adds an additional 1436 W to the total building area. The eastern end of the building is primarily devoted to public exhibit space, a library/archive space, and a small staff office supporting the archives. The eastem wing is herein referred to as the exhibit wing. The central section of the building is devoted to an entry foyer and staff offices. This central section is referred to as the building core. A minimally conditioned thermal transition corridor runs along the south fa~ade of the building core and connects to the westem wing of the building, which is devoted to meeting space that is used only one day per week. This western wing is referred to
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