allcgoals - 1, THE LAND ETHIC a. "nothing so...

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1, THE LAND ETHIC a.... "nothing so inlportant as an ethic is ('ver wrilten." Aldo Leopold, A Land Ethic. b. Be certain that the 'hea Ith of th{' land' h{'comE'S thf' n1f'asur{' by which a11 other bui Id ing decisions are made. "Examine each question in terms of what is ethically and E'Sthetically right, as well as whilt iseconomicallyexJ*dienl. A thing is right when it l{'nds 10 preserve the integrily, Std bilit)', and beaut) of the biotic community. It is wrong when tends otherw iSi'." " A LAND ETH IC, tll{'n r{'flf'Cts th{' existC'nc{' of an ffologica Iconscience, and this in turn reflects a conviction of individuill responsibi lity for the health of lh{' land." Aldo Leopold, A Land Ethic. 2. THREAD TO A PRE-SETTLEMENT ECOLOGY a. Al I{'ast 90'\. of til{' prl"-European nath e ecology 11<Is heen significantly altered through the ilgricuhural and industrit11 efforts of the last 150 years. b. Reconnect to elements of th" remnanl loca Iecology, re-eSla blish, wl1l're possibl(', lhe patterns of pre-settlement hyd rology, soi Is, flora and faund. This effort refl{'l.-ts a regiondl tlpproach to the problem 3,PORTALS TO THE LEGACY il. If visitors were allowed to drive their cars right up to lh{'Lf'Opold Shack, they probably would. b. Establish ,I graded series of thresholds leading eventually to the shack and its environs. The oulerend of the series is cha rtlCterized hy a more intenw use of the land. As one moves in wa rd, use is mon' conlrolled, more delicille, and incredsingly wmitive to subtlety. This grad ient is delineated through a series of landmarks, or portills such ilS: ~ ld rkerjsign syslem rf'giorltllly" ar l"ntr)' of( Van I-loosen, nreak in trees along entry drh e, park & hide sp.Kes, pilssage to WeltomC' Garden, Ll"opold RNd ing Room, Tra il1l('ad to Shack. Boardwa Ik through Uw Marsh, crossing Lev{'{' Road, the Anniversary Pra irie, Ul(' Hi rch Row, 'etc. Each porta I ,1I1nounces a dl,l11g(' or shift in perception, hringing the visitor closer 10 being immersed in the Land, tl member of the hiotic community. 4. H US OF ACTIVITY a. Theend-a 11 of the L('opold Leg,lcy C,ln never he.1 building. If it werl', il would quiNI)' empl1<lsiZl" a l1lffh<1niC<11 solution OVf'r ecological wisdom. h. Strive to ,llways shrft focus from build ings onlo spdCes and the dctivities <1ssociated with th('l1l. 'Architecturf' should support hUl1liln endetlvor' C<1nllot rellla in a well-nwdning phrase, hul must manifest itself in ,I p,llpdble sense when f'xl'l('rif'llcing Ule new Center and lilndscape. "'I he sh<1ck W<1S ('verylhing and it was nothing" Nind Leopold Bradley. 5. LOCAL MATERIALS. WAYS AND MEANS d. ~lodernity has assumed it is OK 10 use building materidls from anywhf're in the world. On lhe olher hand, a wide use of locally availabl(' materials has many henefits on multiple le\els b. Promisf' to only utilize mat('ria Is that <1re <1vailable within <1 SOO·mile rtldius, prefl"rdbly those that aTl" pr('S('nt on ALP land. Do ~ nol ship localmat",rials oul of the Mea for fabrication or refinement, and strive to do as little processing <IS possibll". rhe acquisition process for loca I ma teria Is must be regenerathe, i.e. U1(' pl.lce where materials il r(' r('mov('d must be beUN offafter the
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allcgoals - 1, THE LAND ETHIC a. &quot;nothing so...

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