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Business and Management Part I of a 3-Part Series Legal Trends in Engineering By Kristin Ballobin, Student Member ASHRAE, and Julia Keen, RE., Member ASHRAE iability, legal disputes, and litigation are terms that have become increasingly more familiar to the build- ing design industry and professional engineers. For a company to be successful, and generate profits it must iden- tify potential liabilities, evaluate them, and mitigate those liabilities to the greatest possible extent. So, the first part of this three part article is devoted to discussing recent le- gal trends in the building design industry. The second part will pinpoint legal issues that inflict risk and liability onto firms and professionals. The third and final part will provide means of mitigating the risks exposed in the second article. All three parts are intended to increase awareness of legal implications in hopes of minimizing their frequency and magnitude. Matches AC System Output to Changing Loads, Maintains Comfortable Humidity Levels Most AC systems lack subtlety: they either run at full capacity or theyre off, Under low load conditions, most systems quickly cool the air and then shut down, allowing humidity to build. The APR Control lets AC systems operate at less than full capacity so they continue to dehumidify without overcooling. " For retrofits or new DX systems to 100 tons "* Ideal for makeup air and VAV systems "* Fast, simple installation TEL: 900 727 6447 FAX: 781 933 3306 sales W www. RAXWAL DEVICES, INC Engineering Industry Trends With the evolution of sustainable design, environmental design sparked by LEED®, and energy efficiency supported by standards such as ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1, the engineering profession must advance accordingly. Like-
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ballobin_legaltrends - -J Business and Management Part I of...

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