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Emission Spectroscopy

Emission Spectroscopy - Introduction Emission spectroscopy...

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Introduction: Emission spectroscopy is a method which examines the wavelengths of photons emitted by atoms or molecules during their transition from an excited state to a lower energy state. Each element emits a characteristic set of distinct wavelengths according to its electronic structure . By observing these wavelengths the elemental structure of the sample can be determined. This experiment will make use of emission spectroscopy to determine the cations present in sparklers. To accomplish this task, there will be two parts to this lab. For the first part the precision of the spectrometer must be calibrated. For this, helium will be measured and compared to the known literature of helium values indicating whether or not the Ocean Optics spectrometer is standardized. Then using that calibration, the wavelengths of the most prominent lines of hydrogen will be decided, and the atomic state transition responsible for those hydrogen lines will be calculated using the Rydberg’s constant. The Rydberg constant relates to the atomic spectra. It represents the limiting values of the highest wavenumber of any photon emitted from the hydrogen atom, and the lowest wavenumber capable of ionizing the hydrogen atom from its ground state. The spectrum of hydrogen can be expressed using the Rydberg formula. For the second part of the experiment, the wavelengths and intensities of seven known cation metals will be measured and graphed. Furthermore, these measurements and graphs will be used for comparison with the wavelengths taken from thesparklers. By comparing the wavelengths of the sparklers with the wavelengths of the known metals the sparklers composition will be concluded.
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