Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis - Abstract: Qualitative analysis was...

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Abstract: Qualitative analysis was used to determine reactions presented by certain cations. A method known as a spot test was used to separate these cations to observe their basic properties. These properties and the respective spot tests used to find them would be later used in collaboration with an analysis scheme. The analysis scheme allowed for a correct determination of the composition of a known solution, however, certain factors caused the scheme to be ineffective in determining certain cations present in a solution. On the other hand, the scheme was able to determine 5 out of the 8 cations present having a high success rate.
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Introduction: This experiment will explore some of the strategies used to separate and identify cations. It is useful to know how to identify the presence of specific ions in an aqueous solution. This type of analysis which will be used for this lab is called qualitative analysis, which addresses the question "What is in the solution?" Unlike quantitative analysis which explores how much of a substance is in a solution, qualitative analysis is used to identify what chemical elements are in a mixture. The idea behind qualitative analysis is the fact that ions will undergo specific chemical reactions with certain reagents to yield observable results. For this lab qualitative analysis will be used to detect certain cations in a solution. This lab takes place over a two day span since it is required to analyze the cations using a spot test and to see what reactions each one would develop using certain reagents and confirmation tests. A qualitative analysis scheme will then be developed to use for the next lab. This is a systematic procedure for separating and identifying the various cations present in an
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Qualitative Analysis - Abstract: Qualitative analysis was...

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