Entrepreneurship Overview

Entrepreneurship Overview - • Be your own boss>...

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Entrepreneurship Rewards Be your own boss > Independence, responsibility > Set policy for company and with customers, employees, and vendors > Pursue your own vision and beliefs More flexible, rewarding, and meaningful work Work with people you choose > Partners, employees, service providers, advisors Personal satisfaction > Attractive lifestyle, pride, sense of accomplishment Respect of others > Family, friends, customers, neighborhood, business community Unique experiences Financial gain > Set salary, determine perks and benefits, company profits Entrepreneurship Challenges
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Unformatted text preview: • Be your own boss > Responsibility, no safety net, all things all the time • Hard and demanding work, long hours • Limited resources > Heavily dependent on others, small number of employees, multiple roles • Personal aggravation > Blurred lines between professional and personal life, failure of business • Impacts to others > Limited free time for family and friends, exclusive focus on company • Limited experience • Financial loss > Reduced or no salary, limited or no benefits, partial or total loss of investment, opportunity cost of other jobs...
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