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exam summer 08 - SOC220 Death and Dying Exam #2 Name:_Jin...

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SOC220 Death and Dying Exam #2 Name:_Jin Bae____________________________ Multiple Choice —Please circle your answer. Five (5) points each. 1. Which of the following is NOT a goal of Hospice? A. To confirm the individual's and family's sense of self-worth, autonomy, and security A. To aggressively treat and expertly manage all pain and physical symptoms B. To care for the whole person C. To extend life of the dying through quality treatment D. To be a positive influence upon the understanding, compassionate treatment, and care of the dying and the bereaved. To support individuals and families coping with dying. 2. Which of the following is a research finding that McIlwain lists in When Death Goes Pop to justify his conclusion with regard to whether or not children need to be protected from images of violence and death on TV? A. Children are not cognitively able to process the meanings of violent images on TV B. Children lack the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality C. Children are no more susceptible to negative effects of violent TV than other groups of people D. Violent media are linked to school shootings 3. What type of suicide occurs if social integration is too high? A. anomic suicide B. egoistic suicide C. fatalistic suicide D. altruistic suicide 4. Which of the following does NOT describe a doctor’s interaction with the dying? A. A save-at-all-costs approach B. An avoidance-neglect approach C. Mutual-pretense approach D. A detached-sympathetic-support-approach 5. In Confronting Death , Moller argues that the severity of the Holocaust was facilitated by several characteristics, which still define modern society. Which of the following is NOT one such characteristic given by Moller? A. mass coordination B. obedience to government leadership C. dominance of technology D. mechanization E. bureaucratization List and Short Answer —Please write answers in your blue book 6. List and describe three trajectories of dying as given by Moller? ( 6 points ) 1. Sudden death without prior warning 2. over time, there is a steady decline in the health status which slides toward death 3. There are acute crises 7. Briefly describe three of the seven reasons why Kearl thinks that America remains one of the few developed nations to
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exam summer 08 - SOC220 Death and Dying Exam #2 Name:_Jin...

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