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Notes for Soc - 5-27-08 Cadavers o Cadaver human body...

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5-27-08 Cadavers o Cadaver – human body donated to medical science Called human gifts, donated through human gift registry. o Medical schools have ongoing need for bodies for teaching/research, medical schools not allowed to buy bodies. o If donate body, very little expense or no expense at all for family when death occurs. Medical school or organization takes care of all of the costs. Low cost funeral option. o Most medical schools pay for transportation, embalming, and final disposition o Most schools have contract with particular firms for transportation. o After medical study, body usually cremated with burial or scattering in university plot. o Often remains can be returned to family within a year or two. o Have to do all these things on the front end before give them body. o Some medical schools require donors to register before death, person who body is has to do registry but moving cause running out, kin can make request without prior arrangement with some schools. o Can donate spouses/parents body if want to. o Reason for human gift registry Centuries, studied anatomy using cadavers, in past bodies studied usually those of criminals hung for crime. Take all criminals o Anatomy acts, laws governing body donation, these international anatomy acts have roots in original anatomy act of 1820s. o Adult corpse could get a lot of money. o Taking advantage of profit William burke, and Hare went on murder rampage, killed more than 20 people. Killing spree ended when medical students working on body of young woman and many recognized as Mary who was local prostitute, knew she was young and healthy and had no reason of why she should have been dead, raised suspicions. Caused uproar, one murderer set free on some technicality, other hung and dissected. o Royal commission followed creating original Anatomy Act of 1832 saying can’t pay for bodies for research. o Acts in place to make sure not a market emerging. Instead of paying for body, will pay for all expenses.
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o In addition to basic criteria of registering body, other criteria like body can’t have undergone autopsy, when main blood vessels have been severed, body doesn’t preserver as long as need to with embalming. Bodies usually old then cause few young die of natural causes, youngest that has been given was 54. Most people 60s 70s, younger than that then they’d do autopsy to find out what killed. o Obese turned away and those with certain diseases. o Once body has been donated and embalmed to preserve tissues, sent off. Most programs let you specify what do with body and which studies. How its going to be disposed of at end. o Some institutions have regular memorial service for relatives of donor.
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Notes for Soc - 5-27-08 Cadavers o Cadaver human body...

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