Notes, Surreptitious Exploitation

Notes, Surreptitious Exploitation - personable o Muscle...

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Monday November 21: Surreptitious Exploitation: Stealth Lack of awareness Non co-presence Unfocused attention Special resources- teamwork, equipment, skill, knowledge Usually occupational deviance Pick Pocketing: Airports are targets 3-5 people positions o Tool Person that removes the item from one’s bag o Stalls People who assist in setting up transactions and un-focusing attention o Boss, road manager etc. . Van to travel, small hotel that is not likely to turn you in, easy in/easy out location Crowded locations and tourists Chasing the joint: o Know exits and entrances, where security cameras are, trash can locations, have a getaway plan Crew (look at notes for card and dice hustling): o Boss- sets and enforces rules, makes plans, o Road manager- o Mechanic-deals with the equipment o Shoot up man- must have social skills to look trustworthy, honest,
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Unformatted text preview: personable o Muscle- likely you’ll get beat up o Sponsor-vouch for you, get you into the game o Bird-dog-tells you about the game but doesn’t play with you • Seven (FIVE) Stages of Pick-pocketing 1. Selecting the mark- done by the tool. Opportunity for the tool to look around and judge who looks like a good candidate. Nice clothes, camera, anything that looks touristy 2. Fanning the mark-the immediate feel for the wallet. They go around and feel pockets lightly. Is the location good? Spet tool-they can pick certain pocket well. Generalist : tool is so good they can pick from any pocket. 3. Framing the mark-get help from stall with stealing and passing of the wallet 4. Stealing 5. Departure...
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Notes, Surreptitious Exploitation - personable o Muscle...

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