Introduction to Acts

Introduction to Acts - Purpose: To present a history of the...

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Acts (praxeis=works… “Practice” or “practical”) Author = probably Luke Muration Canon (ca 170) Luke was a companion of Paul Physician (28:6) cf. Colossians 4:14 Vocabulary and style = very similar to Luke’s Gospel 1:1 (like Luke 1:1-4) is written to “Theophilus” Date : either in late 60’s or in 70’s-80’s Characteristics: Accurate historical detail (places and events) Literary excellence (familiar with Aramaic – chapters 1-12) Dramatic description (Peter and Paul) Objective reporting of events… very “fair”
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Unformatted text preview: Purpose: To present a history of the early church To give a defense for the Gospel (to Jews and Gentiles) To provide a guide for dealing with crises To depict the triumph of Christianity despite persecution Outline and Structure: Resolves around key figures: Peter and Paul Emphasizes the role of the Holy Spirit and missionary work Deals with significant problems and divisions in the Church Describes geographical advances of Christianity...
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