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Kerygma - At the Areopagus(Hill of Ares Athens 20:18-35...

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The Kerygma (preaching) of Peter Acts 1:15-22 The choosing of Matthaias 2:14-41 The sermon at Pentacost 3:12-26 To the crowd outside the temple 4:8-12, 19-20 Before the Sanhedrin 10:34-43 With Cornelius (11:5-17) 15:7-11 At the Jerusalem Council The Kerygma of Paul Acts 13:16-41 Pisidian Antioch, Synagogue 17:22-31
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Unformatted text preview: At the Areopagus (Hill of Ares), Athens 20:18-35 Farewell to Ephesian Christians 22:3-21 Testimony in Jerusalem (23:7) 24:10-21 Trial before Felix 26:2-27 Defense before Agrippa 28:17-28 Paul preaches at Rome under guard The Kerygma of Stephen Acts 7:2-53 Stephens last words...
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