Johannine Eschatology

Johannine Eschatology - The Spirit continues the work of...

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Johannine Eschatology Eschatos – Greek for “last”…has to do with the study of the last things or God’s decisive and saving invasion into human history when and how it happens Eschatology – the evangelist’s view of the fulfillment of time Pneumatology – the work of the spirit Ecclesiology – the evangelist’s views of the church Sacramentology – the evangelist’s view of the sacraments 1. Johannine eschatology: Salvation happens now and on the last day a. “Futuristic eschatology” points to resurrection on the last day b. “Present eschatology” eternal life is experienced here and now c. “Heavenly eschatology” Christ prepares a place…perfect oneness Solutions: a. “Both/and” the presences on the future is experienced by faith b. “Spoiler” John wrote present, redactor added future passage c. “Preserver” the evangelist himself preserved traditional futurist eschatology, but added his own present interpretations 2. Johannine pneumatology:
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Unformatted text preview: The Spirit continues the work of Christ a. He is sent by the Father and the Son b. He is called the Spirit of Truth, Holy Spirit, Another Paraclete c. He will be with disciples and in them to comfort d. He witnesses to Christ and brings his teachings to remembrance e. He convicts of sin and of righteousness f. He leads Christs followers into truth 3. Johannine Ecclesiology: a. The community is one because of their unity in Christ b. The character of the community is love c. The community is the locus of the manifestation of God d. John democratizes church order ? Does the juxtaposition of the Beloved Disciple over Peter imply a corrective ? a. Worship is in Spirit and in Truth, independent of form and place (jn. 4:21-24) b. Ministry is universal, compassionate and inspired c. Sacraments are incarnational d. Apostolicity is extended to all believers e. Authority is determined by truth, not by status or position...
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Johannine Eschatology - The Spirit continues the work of...

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