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South Asia - South Asia 20:54:00 Environmental...

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South Asia 05/04/2007 20:54:00 Environmental Determinism—the environment determines your life Population: 2006 South Asia: 1,485,500,000 India: 1,123,900,000 o Almost surpassing China Bangladesh: 147,300,000 Pakistan:  166,900,000 Rivers Ganges o Starts in Himalayas o Flows eastward through Bangladesh into Bay o Sacred to Hindus o Extremely polluted and is toxic Brahmaputra o Starts in Himalayas o Flows South through Bangladesh Indus o Starts in Himalayas o Pakistan
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South Asia 1/5+ of world’s population 2/3 of world’s poorest Nearly ½ of south Asia’s population earn less than $1 a day Estimated ½ of children are malnourished and underweight. Most are girls. 22% of world’s population on 3% of the world’s land area not enough natural resources to raise standard of living for its hundreds of  millions of subsistence farmers. Bangladesh Approx. size of Wisconsin Pop. 147.3 million % Increase: 2.1 One of the poorest and least developed nations on earth. Natural hazards
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South Asia - South Asia 20:54:00 Environmental...

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