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29 - in divided societies.” Relationship – the basis of...

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Lederach Peace building is… 1. Process-oriented 2. Context-responsive 3. Forms of both critical innovation and realism In order for peace building to work: 1. All sectors of society must participate 2. External intervention must empower indigenous actors 3. There must be long-term commitment 4. Infrastructure must be established and supported 5. Financing must be in place Peace building looks to: 1. Prevent new conflicts from emerging 2. Prevent current conflicts from enlarging 3. Provide mechanisms for ending current conflict 4. Provide strategy for maintaining peaceful civil society Peace building seeks to be multifaceted, comprehensive Heightened conflictual intensity occurs through: 1. Immediacy/close proximity 2. Shared common history 3. Severe stereotyping 4. Radically differing perceptions 5. Rigid factionalization Framework of this peace oriented social construct Structure Process Relationship Resources Coordination “A fundamental question is how to create a catalyst for reconciliation and then sustain it
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Unformatted text preview: in divided societies.” Relationship – the basis of the conflict and of its long term solution Encounter – address the past without getting locked into the past (hearing stories –validate and restore) Find innovation – must move outside traditional statist IR political traditions and discourse to do this Reconciliation can be understood as a: Locus – social space, place, location to encounter Focus – oriented towards the relational aspects of conflict Seeks to reframe in order to innovatively address, integrate, and embrace Examples: Rwanda Gacaca courts 1993 PLO-Israeli Peace Accords (Arafat/Rabin) South African Truth and Reconciliation Comm. There must be a “shared vision of a desired future”-Robert Axelrod would say that we must “enlarge the shadow of the future”-Robert Putman’s twenty-year comparative, longitudinal study...
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