3 - democracy for only a specific race o Both sides...

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IR Movie Notes 03/09/2007 13:47:00 Stephen Walt: “The Israel Lobby” o Not in the interest of US, Israel, or other countries o Document level of support $3 Billion a year o Not linked to Israeli behavior  o Diplomatic support for Israel as well o War Ally o “Israel’s Lawyer” o No other country gets the same amount of diplomatic, financial, and  political support o Our support for Israel is an important cause on “anti-American”  terrorists o Israel is the main bone of contention between US and the terrorists o Israel isn’t a strategic asset in war against terrorism o Unconditional support for Israel actually makes the wast on terrorism  much harder o Their existence is not being threatened, therefore, it isn’t necessary to  “protect” and give aid unconditionally o US=liberal democracy; Israel=denies Palestinians rights, vibrant 
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Unformatted text preview: democracy for only a specific race o Both sides, Palestinians and Israel, have committed crimes against humanity o Israel has changed their actions as a result of US support o The Israel Lobby is just a special interest group, not a big thing o Lobby had powerful and negative affect on US. o Lobby’s influence undermined Israel as well as the US. o They could have adopted a more peaceful plan rather than acting as their lawyer o War in Iraq could have been prevented if we weren’t in total support of Israel o Without the lobby, the war may have been less likely. o The Israel lobby is not all-powerful, it is a very effective set of administrators and leaders ← John Mearsheimer • “The Israel Lobby” o 03/09/2007 13:47:00 ← 03/09/2007 13:47:00 ←...
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3 - democracy for only a specific race o Both sides...

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