Part 1 - Chapter 1 Catering Management – the task of...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Catering Management – the task of planning, organizing, and controlling Commercial segment ( for-profit )- independent caterer- restaurant caterer- home-based caterer - hotel/motel caterers- private club catering operations Noncommercial segment ( not-for-profit )- business/industry accounts- college and university catering- health care facilities- recreational food service catering- school catering- social organizations - transportation food service catering Military segment- military functions- diplomatic functions On-premise catering – the function is held exclusively within the caterer’s own facility Hospital catering – catering operation for events that occur within a hospital’s environment High school catering – service events exclusively for the high school population Private or nonprofit caterers – not many will cater off-premise events because they lack the expertise and equipment to do so; these organizations usually provide the hall, food, beverage, and servers for an occasion. They employ catering as a supplement to their internal financial budgets to help raise money to fund special projects o 3 advantages they have over independent caterers They have no labor costs because the labor is “donated” by members They do not pay taxes Many of them do not incur the expense of carrying any kind of liability insurance o Customer appeal – independent caterer can provide more variety, attractive presentations with china and glassware, and a higher quality of food and expertise University/college caterers – provide food and related services to the students, faculty, administrators, and guests Off-Premise Catering – accomplished exclusively by the caterer… transporting all of the food, serving products, and personnel to a location other than the building or facility where the food is prepared- Must be access to equipment needed to prepare the food- Must furnish their own refrigerated t rucks or other equipment to keep food hot or cold...
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Part 1 - Chapter 1 Catering Management – the task of...

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