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Intro Bio 152 Discussion – Metabolism and Homeostasis Assignment – Fall, 2008 Complete the following and bring with you to discussion: 1. Can you use the relationship between body size and metabolic rate to make hypotheses about metabolic rates of extinct animals? Explain your answer. In the past many animals were larger (dinosaurs) and many animals that are large now were smaller (ancestors of the horse). Keeping this in mind, we know that small animals have a higher use of energy per gram of body weight than do large animals, this relationship shows that through natural selection, smaller animals lose heat more rapidly causing the species to evolve (small horses) so that they didn’t have to generate body heat so quickly to replace what they lost. 2. Discuss the differences between being ectothermic and endothermic, and heterothermic and homeothermic. Endotherms generate their own body heat and ectotherms body temperatures depend on the environmental temperature. Homeotherms maintain body temperatures within a narrow range and heterotherms have body
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152-DiscussionAnimal_Week5_Assignment-2008fa - Intro Bio...

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