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Exercise 1 - Part 2: HOW SHOULD WE ANALYZE THE DATA WE COLLECT? 1. Are there certain issues, facts or ideas that all the articles agree with? What are these ? In all of the studies, they focus on the effect of tea on certain functions of the human body. Also, in all of the studies, they focus on the BP of all the patients and the results show that the BP is lowered, or the BP has no significant change, it never rises. 2. Are there any areas of disagreement among the articles? Are there differences in methodology, etc., that might lead to the disagreement? For instance, did all the studies use similar subjects or similar doses? All of the studies used similar subjects of study except for the study that specifically focused on women (Hodgson, 2003). Another difference that Fukino et al. had, was that it was the only study not funded by a health or tea organization, meaning the study may have been less biased on its information. 3. What types of evidence are presented to support each of the argument(s)?
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