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Deviance Lecture October 5, 2005 The Official Labeling Process (7 steps) 1. Caught (doing something illegal) 2. Arrested and processed (does not happen every time, the local police might let you off or something) 3. Pre-trial investigation (the police will call everyone you know, neighbors, employer, landlord) - This part ruins your reputation because they tell everyone you’ve been arrested and you get pretty much fucked 4. Trial/Court (most do not even make it to trial, e.g. Kobe Bryant) - They do some major character assassination and bring up some dirt on you 5. Incarceration/ Prison/ Jail - They take away all the things that you have to indentify yourself e.g. clothing, name, hair 6. De-personalization - Prison culture has its own hierarchy, special behaviors
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Forced adoption of the deviant identity Overall Effects: (different from unofficial labeling process)-You have a record and some people still have access to it-It will limit your opportunities as far as jobs-This label will follow you over time and over more space, it is more severe Total Institutions 1. People inside of them are cut off from society 2. Total subordination (authority, they have all the power and you do not, you have to do what they say) 3. Total Control (24/7, at all hours of day and night, they can control you e.g. where you should be and when)-In a jail: meal time, visitors time, cell time-Other examples of this: mental institution, rehab, military school...
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