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Monsanto Europe A. How did the business environment in the EU differ from the US when Monsanto tried to introduce GM seeds? B. What were the reasons for opposition in Europe to GM seeds? C. What lessons did Monsanto learn from its US experience that influenced its approach to market entry in the EU? D. What aspects of US culture led to widespread acceptance of GM food? E. How did Monsanto’s business model (costs & revenues) affect its plans for GM seed introduction in Europe? F. How did Zeneca’s strategy for introducing Flavr-Savr tomatoes differ from
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Unformatted text preview: Monsanto’s soybean strategy? (p. 293, no. 32) G. What does the case suggest about the sources of resistance to the diffusion & adoption of new technologies? H. The EU’s “precautionary” approach (“better safe than sorry”) to health & safety regulation differs from the US “substantial equivalent” approach to products. Do these have cultural roots? I. If you were an EU protester against GMOs, what strategy would be most effective in keeping GMOs out of the EU?...
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