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Star Trek, The Next Generation, “A Matter of Honor” Case Questions: 1. 2. How do authority structures (chain of command, divided authority, loyalty) differ among the Benzite, Klingon, and human cultures? 3. In the video, are there examples of cultural “mistakes” or failure to enter successfully into another culture? What are the consequences? 4. How do the characters react initially to the presence of characters from another culture? 5. How do preconceptions & stereotypes about other people affect the beliefs and behavior of the parties? 6. What steps does Riker take to prepare to enter Klingon culture? 7. What is the purpose of the Officer Exchange Program (OEP)? What are Riker’s motives for volunteering? What do they suggest about human culture? 8. Are there any apparent benefits from Mendon and Riker’s participation in the
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Unformatted text preview: Officer Exchange Program? 9. What does Riker learn about Klingon culture while he is on the Pagh? 10. How does Riker’s understanding of Klingon culture allow him to establish his credibility and authority with Klingons aboard the Pagh ? 11. Can you think of any ways in which Riker’s oath of loyalty to two different masters is a situation that may arise in international business? How does Riker resolve this “matter of honor?” 12. Consider occasions in which Picard’s and Riker’s intimate mutual understanding allows them to communicate tacitly and coordinate their behavior in ways that result in win/win outcomes. What does this suggest about the importance of mutual understanding? 13. What actions did Riker take in bringing the crisis to a peaceful resolution that led Klingon Lieutenant Klag to say: “You understand Klingons better than I thought?”...
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