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STAR TREK, THE NEXT GENERATION, A MATTER OF HONOR Main Characters: Picard , captain of Enterprise; Riker , commander of Enterprise Worf , lieutenant of Enterprise (himself a Klingon); Mendon , ensign from Benzar Kargan , captain of Klingon ship Pagh; Klag , first lieutenant on Pagh On stardate 42606.5, the USS Enterprise arrives at Starbase 179 to transfer personnel assigned to an Officer Exchange Program (OEP). Commander Riker and Ensign Crusher greet the new arrivals. Crusher is surprised to meet an alien who looks exactly like Mordock, a Benzite (from Benzar) with whom he trained to gain entrance to Starfleet Academy. However, the alien says his name is Ensign Mendon, but he looks similar to Mordoc because they are from the same geostructure. Mendon seems eager to please, expressing to Riker how thankful he is to serve aboard the Enterprise . Captain Picard informs Riker that Starfleet would like an officer to join the exchange program aboard an interested Klingon vessel. Riker says he wouldn't mind the assignment and Picard makes the arrangements. Riker talks to Lieutenant Worf (himself a Klingon) about Klingon culture, mentioning a rumor that one of the duties of the first officer is to assassinate the Captain. Worf confirms that if the Captain becomes weak and unable to perform, it is expected that his first officer will assist his "honorable retirement." Riker arranges a feast of Klingon food delicacies to sample a bit of their culture. Soon the Enterprise meets up with the Klingon ship Pagh and Riker heads to the transporter. Before he goes, Worf hands him a small transponder as a security precaution. On the bridge, Captain Kargan of the Pagh gruffly signals Picard to transfer Riker. At the same time, Ensign Mendon studies a strange spot on the port side of the Klingon ship's hull but doesn't bring it to Picard's attention. On the Pagh , Riker meets Captain Kargan while the Klingon crew eye him suspiciously. Riker introduces himself as "Commander of the starship Enterprise. " Kargan corrects him, telling him he is now Commander Riker, first officer of the Klingon Cruiser Pagh . Kargan states he must count on every Klingon to loyally serve and die if needed. He asks
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