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Writing Assignment 2 What is the Köppen (or Köeppen) climate type where you live, and what are the basic, defining characteristics of this climate type? Also, describe what types of weather phenomena you experience there throughout the year. People often decide to live (or not live) in a region due to its weather and/or climate. Give one example of how weather issues affect people living in your region. As always, be sure to pay attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the clarity of your writing. Answering these questions fully may require a little imagination and some research on your part. We have not specifically discussed all of the midlatitude climate types in the lesson/CD -- you'll need to explore them on your own. Remember that you may refer to websites, textbooks, etc. as sources for your information. .. as long as you cite your source(s) in your answer. "Lifting" part/all of your response from uncited sources or other students' responses is plagiarism and will receive 0 points, no questions asked. Please reread your syllabus if you are still not sure what qualifies as plagiarism. The following URLs may provide you with useful information:
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assignment 2 iss - Writing Assignment 2 Lesson 4: Basic...

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