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This advertisement appeals to the viewers emotions and produces a pathos appeal. There is figurative language present with the pigs representing men who do not use condoms. They are supposed to be personifying how these men are ‘pigs’. This advertisement evokes an emotional appeal because when the viewer looks at it, it gives a connotative meaning about men and the awareness of using protection. One could infer from this ad that wearing a condom while having sex would makes a man civilized. The audience is aimed at men who participate in sexual activities. It allows men to become more aware of the person they portray when they choose not to use a condom. This display of ethos demonstrates a respect for the audience’s ideas and values on racism through appropriate use of general accuracy. The picture is displaying three hearts that are inferred to have come from people from three different races. The words over the hearts show that one would not know the difference between the hearts if they
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