2643 syllabus Autumn 2008

2643 syllabus Autumn 2008 - Child and Adolescent...

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Child and Adolescent Psychology, 2643 Autumn 2008 TIME: T/TH 9:30-10:45am LOCATION: Muenzinger E0046 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Eileen G. Wade-Stein Office: Muen D356A Office Hours: 8:30-9:20am T/Th Phone: (303) 543-6867 Email: [email protected] (It is always quickest to get ahold of me during office hours or directly after class. I will be checking email 1x a day, in the late evening. As a general rule, if you email me a question that the entire class needs the answer to, I will answer in class and on the course WIKI, instead of answering by email). TEACHING ASSISTANT: Office: Blair Kleiber Office: Muenzinger D314B Office Hours: Monday 12-1pm; or by appt. Email: [email protected] REQUIRED TEXTS: Cole and Cole. (2007). The Development of Children (Most recent edition). Worth Publishing. I have requested an extra copy of your text to be put on reserve in Norlin Library. It should be here by the third week of the semester. COURSE GOALS: In this course, students will be provided an introduction and survey of basic principles and theories of child development. We will examine development from conception through adolescence, and will explore the physical, cognitive, language, emotional and social aspects of the developing child. Our primary focus will be on normative development, although pathological developmental processes will be introduced. The goal of this course is to provide a basic framework that will serve students who wish to study child development further as well as students who will use this knowledge as parents, educators and/or public policy makers. EXAMS : Each exam will cover material that is presented in the book, lecture and films. There will be three exams in all. Exams 1 and 2 will each consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question will be worth 2 points each. The lowest grade from the first two exams will be dropped and the highest grade will be doubled. Because of this, no make-up exams will be given. A grade of zero will be given for any exam not taken. If you are ill, have a family emergency or a sports-conflict on one of these exam days, you 1
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can simply drop that exam and use the other exam towards your final grade. The Final Exam will be cumulative, and will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions worth 1 point each. The Final Exam is required and will not be dropped under any circumstances. Because the final exam is cumulative, it is in your best interest to take both exams, simply for practice and review of material. INDIVIDUALIZED NEEDS : If you have specific physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities and require accommodations, please let me know by September 4, 2008, so that your learning needs may be appropriately met. You will need to provide documentation of your disability to the Disability Services Office in Willard 322 (phone 303-492-8671). Any other requests for special accommodations for exams must be presented to me no
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2643 syllabus Autumn 2008 - Child and Adolescent...

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