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Engineering ENGR 215 College of San Mateo L. Demsetz Assignment 2: MATLAB Basics, Arrays Assigned: August 26, 2008 Due: September 2, 2008 Please read Sections 1-3 in Chapter 2 of the text before you start this assignment. This portion of the text is very straightforward and I do not plan to post additional notes unless I receive questions from the class. Use MATLAB to solve the problems below. The first few problems require straightforward application of the commands introduced in the text; the last few problems require more thought. Submit your work (the MATLAB commands) and the answer to each question by cutting and pasting your MATLAB work (including requested plots) into a file in MS Word (or any other text editor). Save this file as YourName_ENGR215_A2 and submit it as an attachment to e-mail to [email protected] The subject line should read as follows
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Unformatted text preview: YourName_ENGR215_A2 where YourName is your name (first and last) and A2 is assignment 2. 1. Solve problem 1b on page 96. 2. Solve problem 2b on page 96. Note: Table 2.1-1 incorrectly describes the arguments of logspace; check the MATLAB help files for the correct arguments. 3 Solve problem 3 on page 96. 4. The basic relationship of engineering economics is F = P (1 + i) n where P is the present value n is the number of periods (e.g. number of years) i is the interest rate per period F is the value at the end of n periods Find the value in 15 years of $1000 invested now at an interest rate of 4% per year. 5. Solve problem 6 on page 97. 6. Solve problem 10 on page 98. 7. Solve problem 16 on page 99-100. 8. Solve problem 20 on page 101. 9. Solve problem 24 on page 102. 10. Solve problem 28 on page 103-104....
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