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Engineering ENGR 215 College of San Mateo L. Demsetz Assignment 3: Systems of Linear Equations Assigned: August 28, 2008 Due: September 9, 2008 Cut and paste your MATLAB work (including requested plots) into a file in MS Word (or any other text editor). Save this file as YourName_ENGR215_A3 and submit it as an attachment to e-mail to [email protected] The subject line should read YourName_ENGR215_A3 where YourName is your name (first and last) and A3 stands for assignment 3. Please read Sections 4 and 5 in Chapter 2 of the text and review the handout from August 28 (systems of equations). Use MATALB to solve the problems below. Submit your work (the MATLAB commands) and the answer. 1. Solve problem 37 on pages 106-107. 2. Create three systems as described below. Each should consist of three equations; none
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Unformatted text preview: should duplicate systems used as examples in Section 2.5 or in class. Express each system in the standard Ax = b form. Use x = A\b to solve each of the systems. Briefly discuss the results a. A system with three unknowns and a unique solution. b. An underdetermined system. c. An overdetermined system. 3. Solve problem 40 on page 108. Paste the plot into the document you submit. Note: The answer given in the back of the book for Chapter 2 Problem 40 is really the answer to Chapter 2 Problem 39. The answer to problem 40 is not given. 4. Solve problem 42 on pages 111-112. 5. Solve problem 47 on page 115. 6. Solve problem 50 on page 115. Note: Please use the matrix methods described in this section, not the curve fitting utilities provided in plot tools!...
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