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Engineering ENGR 215 College of San Mateo L. Demsetz Assignment 4: Polynomials and Functions Assigned: September 4, 2008 Due: September 16, 2008 Please read Section 6 in Chapter 2 and Sections 1 -3 in Chapter 3 of the text. Use MATALB to solve the problems below. Cut and paste your MATLAB work for problems 1 – 3 and the command window portion of problem 5 into a file in MS Word (or any other text editor). Save this file as YourName_ENGR215_A4 and submit it as an attachment to e-mail to [email protected] with subject line: YourName_ENGR215_A4. Also attach individual .m files as requested in problems 4 – 6. Be sure to include your name and other relevant information in a comment block at/near the top of each file. In MATLAB, anything following % on a line is considered a comment.
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Unformatted text preview: You can also… 1. Solve problems 53, 54, and 55 on page 116. . 2. Solve problem 57 on page 117. 3. Write and test the function described in Problem 8 on page 148. Submit as A4P3.m. 4. Write and test the function described in Problem 10 on page 149. Submit as A4P4.m. Paste the results of the test case as a comment block at the end of the file. 5. Solve Problem 13 on page 149-150. Write a function that finds the cost of the fence, then use the built-in function fminbnd as described in the text. Submit your function as A4P5.m and paste your command window work into YourName_ENGR215_A4. 6. Write and test the function described in Problem 17 on page 151. You function should handle properly any four points provided as input. Submit as A4P6.m...
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