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A6_ENGR215_F08 - Engineering College of San Mateo ENGR 215...

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Engineering ENGR 215 College of San Mateo L. Demsetz Assignment 6: More Programming Assigned: September 18, 2008 Due: September 30, 2008 Please review Chapter 4 in the text and review the handouts Programming in MATLAB and A Little More Programming . Please use the usual format for submitting the assignment, with subject yourname_ENGR215_A6. Submit work as .m file attachments. Be sure to include your name and other relevant information in a comment block at/near the top of each file. Note: A function file can contain the function itself and also additional functions called by this function (these are called subfunctions). See the Matlab help files under Programming – Types of Functions – Subfunctions for more information. 1. Complete problem 36 on pages 201-202. Just do the work; nothing to turn in. 2. The Babylonian algorithm can be used to calculate the square root of a number to a desired accuracy. To find the square root of n, 1. Make an initial guess (or use n/2 as your initial guess); call it root_old
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