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exam 3 study guide - Melissa April 1 3 ways we look at...

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Melissa – April 1 3 ways we look at performance 1. Object of study: analyse the performance un theater 2. method of Inquiry; 3. paradigm for studying human behavior – how human interact. E.g: scripts, roles, phrases 4 types of performance: 1. to perform a task: e.g performing a lecture, pick up a watter bottle 2. Perform well: how well you doing in a certain context 3. Perform as something other than yourself: to act in Theater, to lie 4. To perform your identity: femminity, your culture, your identities Performance explains human action; to entertain, to march, change human identity; to heal; to teach or persuaded; to deal with the secret 3 Key elements with performance: to make it unique / 3 ways performance and communication theory intersect 1. Context: all performances in some way, we speak in a particular context, just scene on stage is set, but that is pre-written on stage. All communication motivated by desire, conscious, unconscious, feelings, thoughts 2. Text: 1. cultural, linguistics expectations 2.The unique characteristics of the speaker Communication is a process; we try to communicate in an effective way All communication is open to interpretation. People judge the value of it, people are fundamentally performing creatures—we perform our social script all the time in form way. Text : the things that construct our reality, to be analyzed. 3. Performer: in life, performers are you and everyone you know. Performing is a part in being human.
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Performance of everyday life, the self is a performing character, not an thing of specific location. Text is already in us. There are unclearness, like when we perform feminity, cuz people have different ways to perform that. Our ability to perform is learnt. Socialization ( how it works, how you create your identity) and performance : the acquiration of knowledge you experience in the social setting. The self is the core of the individual, never fixed or stable, but always in a process of changing. Cuz constantly pick up scripts, when accept different roles, may not show real self. The role we choose depends on the context. None of our roles are false. We constantly performing different aspects/roles of ourself, so the performance never fails. –to insert some of u into the character. Performance is making, not faking! Connection to nonverbal (the performance about fear--- performance is both a combination of verbal and non-verbal. Performing non-verbal, it reflects how our community, culture communicate) Drama: all performance is dramatic and so does communication Drama is (definition) Conflicts, forces pulling in opposite direction. INHERERNT IN CHOICE. It is a way of being in the world Lecture – April 3 & 8 International conflict Desert island story: Best person: E>A>B>D>C worst person The situation/ specific context changes our way to view it. Our previous experience and perceptions we built affects our view to an individual
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exam 3 study guide - Melissa April 1 3 ways we look at...

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