essay 1 iah 201 - IAH 201 Freedom Denied We were born...

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IAH 201 Freedom Denied We were born without having the freedom to choose our gender or our skin color. However, those who believe in “God” will not disapprove of their looks, but acknowledge that the creator of all things, view all his creation to equal value. While we cannot argue the creator of mankind, responsibility lays upon us to defend our freedom on every inch of this world. The world was never free to everyone that lived on this planet, lives were taken and people were put into slavery for personal advantages. It is a certain fact to everyone that ever since history has been recorded, wars and hate has been history’s continuing cycle. Until the recent ages, humans have been struggling to religious, cultural or personal supremacy in their own kingdom. Why is it, that human race is so self- centered? Who structured white race to be the masters and black to be their slaves? Fredrick Douglas once said about slavery, “it was not color, but crime, not God, but man, that afforded the true explanation of the existence of slavery” (My bondage and my freedom, pg 90). North America is a land that was discovered by Native Americans, but it was not them who ruled the country after the British arrived. Circumstances were such that Native Americans earned the name of Red-Indians and black people were slaves, because that’s what they were forced to acknowledge. The founding fathers of this nation thought equally for every American, but the citizens may be called ill-mannered for overlooking
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essay 1 iah 201 - IAH 201 Freedom Denied We were born...

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