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AAAADue 09-28-05b - want to become a Pharmacist I worked in...

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Kirkland me Dr. CC IDS 110, Section 14 28 August 2005 Career Reflection Having worked in the food service industry for 15 years already, I know, without a doubt, that field is not for me. However, It was interesting to speak with the woman at that booth. While it is not exactly what I want to do, Nursing is something that holds some interest to me. The medical field has caught my attention for the last couple hears now. I have many friends and one close relative currently working in nursing. The primary reason why I am a 33 year old freshman here at Missouri State is because I
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Unformatted text preview: want to become a Pharmacist. I worked in the restaurant field long enough to decide a major change is in order. A good friend of mine here in Springfield owns Grove Pharmacy. After getting to know him and a little bit about this type of work, I am convinced that is what I want to do. The Career Fair was a good opportunity to find out a good route for me here at Missouri State. Unfortunately MSU does not offer a Pharmacy program. However a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology is most likely what I will need to finish up in KC. 1...
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