essay 2 iah 201 - IAH 201 Immigration Policy Immigration is...

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IAH 201 Immigration Policy Immigration is one of the most essential themes of American history. Not a single modernized nation has experienced immigration of the same level, duration and diversity as the United States. If we trace back far enough, we can say that all of us who live in America today has origins somewhere else. Many Americans can probably trace the immigrants in their own family histories. There are also millions of citizens who are the first generation to this country, which from the very start was the common way of populating this nation. The majority settlers who cross into America await the opportunities this country offers. It is the immeasurable desire to succeed in an unknown world that makes these courageous immigrants such an asset to America. Couple of days ago I witnessed a Baseball fan holding a poster that said, “Behind every successful team, there is a hardworking lineup.” It is significantly comparable to the conviction that the United States primary explanation for the wealth of success is the hardworking immigrants. We can not ignore our history and what America stands for, a nation that welcomes and represent immigrants. Grace Abbott once said, “by assuming an identity which does not exist, we have expected by a sort of faith-cure process to hasten the coming of that happy time when all those who come to the United States shall have become exactly like the native American” (making connections: 311). However, Native Americans welcomed the Europeans without forcing them to change their culture. With such ideology many curious people were welcomed to explore their opportunity in the new land.
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America promises high expectations and those who are competent enough, love America more than the country of their birth. The mixture of social diversity provides America a priceless resource of unique newcomers who can flourish this country. Immigrant’s service to this nation has had the least negative and more positive impact on our growing society. There is no rational explanation as to why immigration could be harmful to America. The skilled immigrants have helped America become one of the worlds
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essay 2 iah 201 - IAH 201 Immigration Policy Immigration is...

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