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Spencer Campion Psychological and Ethical Egoism The major distinction between psychological egoism and ethical egoism reflects the difference of “is” verses “ought,” and “fact” verses “value.” Psychological egoism is described as a kind of human law that is followed, in contrast ethical egoism is a moral and ethical obligation to obey. In psychological egoism the ability to do that which is in ones best self-interest is not a choice but rather some deeply rooted characteristic in the makeup of all humans. In psych egoism all humans are selfish and greedy beings. In ethical egoism, people should act only for ones own benefit and have no obligation to
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Unformatted text preview: the situation of others. In the case of Gyges I believe that his actions were driven by the philosophy of Psychological Egoism. Once he learned of the powers he now had with the ring, I believe that his self interests overpowered all other possible actions. Once invisible he immediately acted in immoral ways. Unlike ethical egoism where he would feel inclined to act for himself, I feel the internal drive that psychological egoism philosophy describes took hold and forced him into the choices he made....
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