psy notes - social learning theory: ROTTER Built upon...

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Sheet1 Page 1 social learning theory:ROTTER Built upon behaviorism, but :humans, not animals :includes social aspects of learning :allows for internal motivation and thought :believes that humans can choose enviroment Assumptions :combines experiences with expectations :learn from living and adjust on the fly if i cram a ton and it works, i'll do it again if i cram a ton and it fails, i won't do it again :past experiences influence current expereicnes perception of college at first due to high school experiences :behavior is goal directed maximize rewards, minimize punishment we modify our behaviors based on experiences to maximize success of said reward :we have to know that our rewards are within reason or else we won't try for them o overall, we combine experience with expectancies Basic Concepts Behavior potential: likelihood of a behavior occuring as a means of achieving a specific goal what are my options? study notes vs book vs both, based on hearsay i make an opinion studying the notes has a higher behavioral potentioal expectancy: Beliefs about the reward if i behave in a specific manner, certain reinforcements will occur. i believe that i study the notes i'll do well on the exam. granted this isn't the best approach it is my expetancty that it will SPECIFIC EXPECTANCIES: beliefs about a specific relationshop if i study notes in psy i'll do well but in bio i need to study both. aka specific expectancy GENERALIZED EXPECTANCIES: if i study just the notes i'll do well in all classes all semester. generalized expectancies can become more specific depending on experiences
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Sheet1 Page 2 i believe that i'll do well just w/ notes but after midterms i realize that i need the book and visa versa Reinfocement Value: Power of reward preference we have of one reward over others, assuming
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psy notes - social learning theory: ROTTER Built upon...

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