ElixirofDeath[1] - HUM 101 6 October 2006 Elixir of Death...

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HUM 101 6 October 2006 Elixir of Death Time management is a huge part of the educational and business society in today’s world. Most people have trouble arranging their agenda so that they can get enough time for work, leisure, and rest. Unfortunately, everyday more and more people are finding it harder to keep up with demanding deadlines, whether it be for their career or for school. Party goers are even finding it hard to stay awake at parties if they’ve had a long week at the office or in the classroom. Luckily, beverage manufacturers have come up with the perfect solution to this growing epidemic; Red Bull. Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks on the market today. People demand a surplus of energy, yet they do not consider the consequences of this unnatural superfluous energy. According to scientific research, Red Bull can be harmful to consumers. It is known that Red Bull has eighty milligrams of caffeine, which exceeds the normal amount of caffeine that a person should consume within twenty four hours. One can of Red Bull should not cause a drastic change in the drinker’s health, but more than one can a day or having one or more Red Bulls every day can lead to serious health risks. There are also a number of new and unknown ingredients in Red Bull. Taurine and guarana are some examples. These ingredients are allegedly what give the drinker their energy boost, besides the caffeine. More research should be done on these substances and how they
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ElixirofDeath[1] - HUM 101 6 October 2006 Elixir of Death...

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