Chapter 1 - Sheet1 Page 1 chapter 1 studying life 1.1 What...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 chapter 1: studying life 1.1 - What is biology biology - study of all living things microscope invented 1590s by zaccharias and hans janssen cell theory - cells are the basic strucural and physicologyical units of all living organisms- cells are both distinct entities and buliding blocks of more complex organisms- all cells are similiar in chemical composition- most chemical reactions of life occur in cells- complete sets of genetic info are passed on in cell reproduction- all cells come from preexisting cells species are gorups of organisms which can breed together and look alike adaptation - structural , physiological or behavioral traits that enchance an organism's chances of survival and reproduction in GENOME - the sum total of allt he DNA molecules in the cell DNA - molecules which are long sequeucnes of for different subunites called NUCLEOTIDES NUCLEOTIDES - (C, G, T, A) - letters of an alphabet PROTIENS - make up much of an organisms structure and are the molecules that govern the chemical reations within cells - S genome consists of thousnads of genes mutations can occur from out and inside factors, such as pollution or radiation. they can be either good or bad but the good o...
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Chapter 1 - Sheet1 Page 1 chapter 1 studying life 1.1 What...

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