POL378_march25notes - Foreign Policy in South America Cuba...

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Unformatted text preview: Foreign Policy in South America Cuba traded dependency on the US to dependency on the USSR- sugar for oil program- USSR heavily influenced cuban politics- USSR looks like they are presuring Cuba, but they have the same goals- Fidel believes in 3rd world revolution- Cuba recieved billions of dollars per year for sugar- Cuba without the Soviet Union would not survive US changes policy towards cuba in 1965- any cuban found on the way to US is given amnesty and becomes a refugee- people are fleeing communism- Fidel makes decision to let people leave (opens jails and psychiatric wards)- 125000 cubans in southern FL- almost all were elite before 1965 To keep people from leaving Cuba, Reagan admn formed CANF to lobby - 1981 - helped shaped US-Cuban policy Mexico and Canada never broke ties with Cuba, many other L.A. countries resumed relations in 1970s In cuba, education, literacy, low poverty as good as or better then conditions in other L.A. countries In 1985 Gorbachev is elected and stops the subsidizing of sugar, Cuba does not have extra income- 1989 to 1994 Cuban Special Period- many cutbacks on products, healthcare, electricity, educational resources, etc. 1992 Cuban Democracy Act- toughened economic sanctions (ex: Coca Cola subsidiary in Venezuela cannot trade with Cuba)- funded NGOs and church groups to go to Cuba- try to make Cubans suffer, kick them while they are down- US has to keep embargo because it would delegitimize US policy if taken down 1994 change in Cuba refugee policy- under Clinton admn- US accepts 20,000 ppl per year under policy- any others caught offshore sent back to Cuba- wet foot, dry foot policy Helms Burton Law 1996- prosecuted companies that did business with Cuba or owned property on Cuban soil- will not let execs back into US 2000 - US decides to trade agricultural products with Cuba- natural disaster hits and Cuba accepts offer Hope this helps POL 378 Notes March 25, 2008 Thursday 5 documentary on Venezuela 131 psy Cuba: During the Bush administration, kept embargo up...
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POL378_march25notes - Foreign Policy in South America Cuba...

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