Study for test three (prac test one circles)

Study for test three (prac test one circles) - Test one...

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Test one – circles 1. According to the lectures, beauty is… a. the same for everyone b. not limited to either time or place c. eternal d. learned 2. The design elements are: a. a description of the parts b. a list of tools required in creating a design c. a list of the various formula used to create beauty d. all of the above 3. Which elements is used to describe exact position on a visual field? a. point b. line c. intersection d. shape e. form 4. Which of the following could be referred to as a point’ a. a decimal point b. a star c. a period d. all of the above 5. Which line is associated with movement a. the diagonal line b. the vertical line c. the freehand line 6. Which line tells you the most about the artist a. the freehand line b. the diagonal line c. the vertical line d. the horizontal line 7. What element is used to describe contour? a. line b. pattern c. area d. shape e. form
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a. area b. form c. shape d. texture 9. Designers use area to: a. calculate the volume of a building b. calculate the surfaces of building c. both of the above 10. Form can be described as: a. 2 dimensional b. 3 dimensional c. an infinite number of shapes d. a and c e. b and c 11. The method of patterning called continuity is: a. a method of grouping b. a method of sequencing c. a method of sorting d. a method of ordering 12. The after image is: a. a psychological phenomenon b. a physiological phenomenon c. both d. none of the above 13. Which term is used to describe the phenomenon of projecting one image on to another? a. projection b. afterimage c. simultaneous contrast d. anthropometrics 14. To see a color as it truly is one MUST use a gray background. a. true
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Study for test three (prac test one circles) - Test one...

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