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Gross motor milestones

Gross motor milestones - Fine Motor Skills& Milestones...

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Gross Motor Milestones 1st month -  lift head from a prone position 3 months -  hold chest up and use arms for support 3-4 months - roll over 4-5 months - support some weight with legs 6 months - sit without support 7-8 months - crawl and stand without support 8 months - pull up to a standing position 10-11 months - walk using furniture for support (cruising) 12-13 months - walk without assistance 13-18 months - pull a toy, climb some steps 18-24 months - walk quickly, run stiffly, squat, kick, jump
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Unformatted text preview: Fine Motor Skills & Milestones Fine motor skills involve more finely-tuned movements, such as finger dexterity. Hardly any control over fine motor skills at birth. 4 months = carries object to mouth 5 months = transfer object from hand to hand 6 ½ months = reaches for & grabs & retains object 9 months = pincer grasp 18-24 months = turns a door knob w/ both hands = unscrews a loose lid on a jar...
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