Study guide for test one (prac test one)

Study guide for test one (prac test one) - Circle test one...

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Circle test one 1. You will see and hear: A. What’s important to hear B. What you want to hear C. What you expect to hear D. b and c 2. People respond to design by: A. Introverting their response B. Extroverting their response C. Either of the above D. Ignoring it 3. What percentage of the population have a plan? A. 80% B. 50 C. 25 D.10 E.5 4. You can have anything you want in life if: A. You are willing to help other people get what they want B. You are willing to work hard enough C. You can meet the right people D. You have a plan 5. The group will never be stronger than: A. its weakest link B. its leader C. the company it is supported by 6. You are responsible for A. what you know B. what you don’t know C. both 7. ROI stands for A. Reinvesting Owners Interest B. Retaining Our Intuition C. Return On Investment D. Reviving Old Issues 8. The largest cost over the life cycle of a building is: A. Equipment B. Facility C. Staff D. Other
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E. None of the above 9. Design can be used to effectively motivate and improve the performance of A. Everyone in the office B. the technical workers C. motivated employees D. upper admission 10. According to the lecture we are often seduced into complying with our environment because: A. we are surrounded by sexual influences B. Environmental changes often occur in small increments C. Changes are occurring over an extended period of time D. a and b E. b and c 11. When we talk about the environment we are talking about: A. Outdoor air quality B. Context C. Indoor pollution 12. What color light is used in standard hospital protocol for clearing jaundice?
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Study guide for test one (prac test one) - Circle test one...

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