3330 midterm fall study questions

3330 midterm fall study questions - 330/394 Study Guide for...

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330/394 Study Guide for Midterm Exam Instructor Note: Questions for your midterm exam will be pulled from this pool of questions. The questions come directly from your text so all answers will be found within your text. I will not be reviewing or giving any answers since all is easily found. There will be, however, four questions that are directly from lecture and will not be found anywhere except from class. Pauline and Hugh begin to refer to themselves as “we” rather than I and he/she. This change reflects the development of Caring Commitment Interdependence Mutuality Which of the following ways is NOT one in which casual relationships differ from intimate relationships Interdependence Knowledge Mutuality Honesty Trust Which of the following needs must be met by close relationships? Need for family values Need for affection Need for acceptance Need to belong Which of the following mental health problems are affected by our social needs? Schizophrenia Eating disorders Depression All of these According to Haslam and Fisk, intimate relationships are All the same Of two basic types Of three basic types Of no one kind Which theory considers self-esteem to be a subjective gauge of the quality of our relationships? Attachment
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Cognitive consistency Evolutionary psychology Sociometer Attachment styles are thought to be primarily the result of Genetic predispositions Early childhood experience Social cognition Mimicry Byrne’s work on attitude similarity and liking from the 1960s is important in the history of the science because it demonstrated Relationships can be studied rigorously in the laboratory All relationships are the same Common sense is as important as research methods Relationships can be studied with electrodes A negative correlation between scores of love and marital satisfaction in a particular study would show Love scores increasing as satisfaction scores increase Love scores decreasing as satisfaction scores decrease
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3330 midterm fall study questions - 330/394 Study Guide for...

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