Study guide for test one (prac test two)

Study guide for test one (prac test two) - Square Test 2 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Square Test 2 1. Begin to compare yourself: A. to others B. to internal standards C. to external standards 2. Which of the following did the author relate to the essence of courage? A. goal setting B. self-discipline C. faith and commitment D. teamwork 3. The winner’s edge is in: A. improved education B. physical development C. attitude D. diet 4. The key or lock on the door of personal fulfillment is: A. your attitude toward your potential B. your personal contacts C. your family background 5. All individuals are what they are and where they are as a composite of: A. their experiences B. their own doing C. who they know 6. Everything is something I decide to do, and there is nothing I have to do: A. True B. False 7. The best way to properly evaluate and adapt to the many environmental stresses of life is to view them as: A. momentary interruptions B. irrelevant C. normal 8. Fear has been cited as a mental block – fear is most often: A. a fear of failure B. fear of success C. fear of rejection D. fear of people 9. The first step toward gaining the Winner’s Edge in life and developing that critical attitude for success is understanding that we must: A. seek and walk with the truth everyday B. always be open to different alternatives and better ways C. Both of the above 10. One true indicator of an individual’s opinion of himself is: A. the way he can accept a compliment B. the way he qualifies himself in advance C. both of the above 11. The failure syndrome results when one is controlled by external standards set by others: A. True B. False 12. The individuals who yell loudest for service and attention: A. act from confidence B. act from low self-esteem C. act from ignorance 13. According to Bernard Baruch, “The people who matter mind, and the people who 13....
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Study guide for test one (prac test two) - Square Test 2 1...

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