Study guide for test two (prac test one-circles)

Study guide for test two (prac test one-circles) - Circles...

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Circles 1. A problem as defined in this class is: A. Something that you would like to change B. A question raised for solution C. A source of perplexity D. Any obstacle 2. "Design" is: A. a noun B. a verb C. a message D. all of the above 3. Each design has: A. a physical component B. a mental component C. a spiritual component 4. The designer strives for: A. the longevity of the design B. the persons response to the design C. the aesthetic success of the design D. the ergonomic advantage of the design 5. The fact that thinking is not visible has several advantages. A. True B. False 6. Which of the following problem solving conditions is most common? A. no problem exists B. you are given the wrong problem C. you have the wrong answer D. you have the right answer 7. When gathering data one should gather data regardless of it's quality. A. True B. False 8. The lecture suggests three variables in generating unending data. They include the person, the problem, and: A. the data B. the resources C. the experience 9. When you ask the question, "who is involved?" you are asking one of the classic questions. A. True B. False 10. One reason for gathering data is to: A. justify the fee B. increase your chances of success C. guarantee your success D. prove your point of view 11. The list that includes everything that comes to your mind is called: A. a task list B. a to do list C. a master list D. an accomplishment list 12. What's more important?
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A. right questions B. right answers 13. Which skill is used because of the limitation of time? A. gathering relevant data
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Study guide for test two (prac test one-circles) - Circles...

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