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exam 3 outline

exam 3 outline - ,youcannow :temperatureranges,...

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1 Lesson 11 Review Material At the end of this lesson, you can now: Define food processing and list some foods that are processed. List reasons to process foods. Define refrigeration and freezing: temperature ranges, basic principle behind each. Describe the relationship Q 10 =2. Describe the relationship what happens to free water as a food freezes. Describe changes during freezing. Discuss why the rate of freezing is important. Define cryogenic freezing. Describe freezer burn. List ways to maintain quality of frozen foods. Define pasteurization, blanching, sterilization and commercial sterilization. List some time temperature combinations for milk pasteurization. Describe conditions necessary for botulinum toxin formation. Describe the ideal gas law and why it is important when canning. Describe the key steps in canning corn. Discuss the two questions to consider for canning. Describe the change chlorophyll on heating and how a zinc salt can modify this change. Describe the following processing methods: aseptic, retort pouch, and high pressure List the potential benefits and drawbacks to thermal processing. Describe the basis behind dehydration preservation of foods. Describe the basic methods of food dehydration – sun drying, tray drying, spray drying, drum drying and freeze drying – and listing the advantages and disadvantages of each. Be sure to list some common foods products preserved using each drying method. List some challenges to effective food dehydration. List some factors affecting the stability of dried foods. After doing the readings, you know: Freezing out bacteria and other enemies Try the quiz (and note the answers!) The Canning Process How long will properly canned food remain safe to eat? How does the nutritional value of canned food compare to fresh or frozen? Why is a hermetic seal important in the canning process? What other packaging materials are today designed for ‘canning’? What foods are of concern in canning? What are some signs that ‘canned’ food might be spoiled? Fresh from the Can What situation was the food industry responding to when it developed new processing technologies in the 1940s? What did the food industry do to make its products acceptable to consumers?
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2 Effects of Thermal Processing upon Vitamins and Proteins in Foods What some beneficial effects of thermal processing? (lecture review) How does heating increase the digestibility of proteins and starch? What are some disadvantages of thermal processing? What determines the seriousness of the loss of heat labile nutrients? Review the definitions of pasteurization, blanching, commercial sterilization, aseptic processing, and retort pouch processing.
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exam 3 outline - ,youcannow :temperatureranges,...

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